Batista bientôt à la retraite? Pas si sûr...

Sur son blogue, Jim Ross soutient que Batista n'est pas sur le point de prendre sa retraite.

Il mentionne "subtilement" que Batista aime bien gagner beaucoup d'argent et que cela le motivera à attendre avant de se retirer en tant que lutteur.

"Been reading where Batista 'may retire' in a year or so but I'd bet that won't happen. Unless Batista has saved a boat load of cash I say he stays in WWE and makes more of those big pay days and seven figure years. Big Dave likes the good life, who doesn't, but the 'good life' isn't facilitated with coupons. Dave's value to WWE, considering especially the overall lack of main event depth may never be greater.

I know I thoroughly enjoy my paychecks even thought I feel I'm underpaid (who doesn't?) and hope to successfully negotiate a new contract with WWE when the time comes later in 2009. Hey, we ALL feel like we're under paid, right?"

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